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The BabyStemo Model

for EXPECTING and NEW parents to

🤰 Listen to your baby's heartbeat

👶 Soothe your newborn with your heartbeat

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Say NO to home fetal Doppler

Fetal Doppler (ultrasound heartbeat monitor) transmits ultrasound to a baby's heart and synthesizes the heartbeat sounds based on Doppler effects. The ultrasound used in fetal Doppler can be harmful. U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warns the use of ultrasound fetal Doppler at home, because the ultrasound from the Fetal Doppler could induce excessive tissue heating and bubble (cavitation) and these effects are unknown (source: FDA website). For this reason, the fetal Doppler should only be used by trained medical professionals when there are medical needs. Fetal Dopplers are actually prescription medical devices, even though some websites are unethically selling them over the counter (OTC).

Totally different from the fetal Doppler, the Stemoscope does not use ultrasound, but simply de-noises and amplifies the weak sound signals from the baby's heart and make them more audible. Therefore, it is much safer, more comfortable and natural, and suitable for home use. In addition to listening to your baby before your baby's birth, you can also record your own heartbeat to soothe your baby after your baby's birth.

The natural way to hear, save and share your baby's heartbeat


Stemoscope listens to the weak fetal heartbeat in a way like that an expecting dad puts his ear on the belly of an expecting mom to listen. However, after the heartbeat sounds are sent to a smartphone wirelessly, the BabyStemo App de-noises and amplifies the sounds and makes them more audible. Then you can hear, record and share the precious moment with the App. Since the way to listen is natural, you may wait till the 25th week or later to hear the heartbeat, though someone may be able to hear as early as the 16th week.

Let’s listen to some audio samples recorded with BabyStemo

The internal speaker of a smartphone is generally not good at playing such kind of bass sounds, so please wear your EARPHONES 🎧 and adjust the VOLUME 🔊 to listen.

These sounds were recorded with "Turbo" on. The baby's heartbeats are more audible. It is recommended to use this mode when you look for the best location to listen to your baby's heartbeat.

These sounds were recorded with "Turbo" off. The baby's heartbeat sounds are less audible but more natural. It is recommended to use this mode after you have found the best location to listen.

You may watch this vLog on Youtube ▶️ to see how it is used.

Make the best lullaby for your baby

Mom's heartbeat sounds can help soothe her crying baby. Mom's heartbeats are the major rhythms of womb sounds. According to a research published in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, infants exposed to the heartbeat sounds even gained more weight because they cried less (Source: The role of the heartbeat in the relations between mother and infant). Record your heartbeats and play them to your baby after he or she is born. Your heartbeat is the best lullaby for your baby!


Stemoscope, BabyStemo and the associate App are not medical device and should not be used to monitor your

baby's health. Please consult your doctors if you need to monitor your baby's health.


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